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Escort Services

I have been escorting for several years. I'm clean, safe and experienced. I'm very open minded and can help with most requests. Click on the section below to read more about what I can and can't offer you, according to your gender.

  • I am a Man
    Sexually, I identify as straight, however I am flexible. Whilst men hold no direct sexual appeal to me, I have a very open attitude to sex. If a man gets sexual pleasure from being face fucked by me, that's good for him and feels good to me regardless of attraction. I'm very comfortable with body contact. I'm regularly asked to face fuck guys, do massages and that kinda stuff. That's all good with me. However I don't offer anal sex either way.

    To men, I offer services such as-
    - Anal play (fucking you with toys)
    - Anal stretching (for anal enthusiasts looking to increase diameter)
    - BDSM (Click here for 'Domination services' page)
    - Companionship/ non sexual
    - Face sitting
    - Foot worship
    - Fisting
    - Hand relief (Wanking each other)
    - Incalls or Outcalls
    - Kissing
    - Massage (Giving or recieving, clothed or nude)
    - Nipple Play
    - Oral
    - Spanking (Me spanking you)
    - Rimming (You rimming me)
    - Watersports (Me peeing on you)

    Services I don't offer-
    - Anal Sex

  • I am a woman
    As a straight guy, meets with women are always a lot of fun. The cost to meet me on your own as a woman is a lot cheaper. See my rates page for prices.

    I know every guy you meet will tell you they're the best thing since sliced bread in the bedroom. Often, you're left feeling awkward when your date turns out to be inexperienced, unable to get it up, unable to last as long as you need him to, or cyberstalking you after you swap details. My partner gets no end of it.
    With me, you can expect experience, respect and your pleasure being made the priority.

    To women, I offer services such as-
    - Anal Sex
    - Boyfriend experience (intimacy, cuddling etc) - BDSM (Click here for 'Domination services' page)
    - Companionship/ non sexual
    - Fisting
    - Incalls or Outcalls
    - Kissing
    - Massage (Giving or recieving, clothed or nude)
    - Oral- Both Ways
    - Spanking (Me spanking you)
    - Rimming (Both ways)
    - Vaginal Sex
    - Watersports- (Giving and receiving)

  • We are a couple
    I am very happy to meet couples! Whether you're looking for an inclusive threesome, or just for the guy to watch me with his partner etc, I'm one of the most respectful and experienced male escorts around. I have several years of swinging experience with my long term girlfriend and have helped many couples have their first ever swinging experiences. I completely understand the decorum expected when playing with another person's partner as well as the need to establish ground rules, especially with those who are new to the world of swinging. I am available either by myself or as a couple with my girlfriend or one of my other escort/ sex friends.

    Unfortunately many couples exploring swinging for the first time try swingers clubs or private sex parties, where there tends to be a lot of pressure to play, especially for people who are new or unsure. Seeing me in a controlled environment allows you to explore at your own pace with no pressures to do anything too quickly or outside of your comfort zones.

    To get an idea what I can do with each of you, have a look through the sections 'I am a man/ woman' above

These services are all at my discretion and with the expectation of you arriving with good hygiene. I have shower facilities which you are more than welcome to use during your booking.


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  • "Very good meeting. He makes you feel relaxed and is a nice bloke, though do not be fooled, he will give you a very good hiding if you need it."

    - spanking65

  • "No ifs, no buts, this guy is excellent"

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