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New to things?

Lots of people visit me, who have no, or very little experience, but are curious to explore kink. If you know exactly what you're looking for, or what you're not looking for, that's great. I can focus a little more on delivering what you're after.

Don't worry though if you have no idea yet. For complete beginners, I'll usually give you a semi-instructional walkthrough experience of various implements and play styles. You'll likely experience a 'taster' of corporal punishment, impact, manhandling, oral servitude and electrostimulation, along with an optional explanation of why BDSM tools are used in the way they are, and the dangers of using implements wrongly (such as the risk of invoking heart attacks from the misuse of an electrastim through the chest). The longer you book, the more we can explore. Then, by our second session, or the next time you explore kink, you'll have a clearer idea of what you're into.

For the more experienced

If you know exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to be as descriptive as possible when making a booking. Please note that if a session is likely to be loud or require a large amount of space (caning, bullwhip, ballbusting etc), incalls will not be suitable. A hotel, your place, or a dungeon session would be recommended. The dungeon I usually work from is in Ashton, but I'm flexible on location.

Activity Directory and Ideas

If you're looking for some ideas, check out the 'ideas' page in the links above; or the 'activities directory', for a full list of what I do and don't offer.


Here is a list of the equipment I own. Everything on this page is available for sessions.

Corporal Punishment

- Baseball bat (Steel)
- Belts
- Bullwhip (kangaroo leather, 6 foot)
- Crops
- Canes (Wood, plastic, steel; Juniors and seniors, 8-12mm)
- Flail (Very dense leather flogger)
- Floggers (fabric, plastic, light leather, dense leather
- Paddles (small/ large, light/ heavy)
- Rounders bat (wood)
- Straps (Leather, genuine well worn straps from schools, when school strapping was legal)
- Tause (light ones and heavy ones)

Furniture and heavy gear

- Now that I don't host from home, incalls can no longer include the use of my non transportable furniture. However I can still bring:
- Face sitting box (Custom build with adjustable head locking wheels inside)
- Fucking machine (F Machine Pro 3- A solid, heavy duty fucking machine with adjustable thrusting depth)
- Handheld fucking machine (A custom build. A reciprocating saw machine, customised to accept dildos rather than saw blades. It doesn't thrust as far as the F Machine Pro 3, with a thrusting depth of about an inch, but it does top out at 30 thrusts per second!)
- Pillory (full body steel spreader bar)
I do not charge any extra for bringing these bits of kit along for a session, but they're only available on prior request, I don't take them along with me unless I think they'll be used

Other kink

- Cable tie
- Collars (Steel & leather)
- Gags
- Funnel hood mask (for watersports forced drinking)
- Masks (gas mask | leather mask | spandex blindfold mask)
- Mouth spreader
- Poppers (£5 per bottle)
- Shackles (steel)
- Ropes, cuffs & restraints
- Zip cord custom restraint (1 inch thick with handle)

Other pain implements

- Claw (finger knife)
- Electrics (Electrastim & Tazapper)
- Nipple clamps (light clips- industrial 4 inch clamps)
- Thai nipple sticks


- Claw (finger knife)
- Latex gloves
- Wartenberg wheel

Vanilla Sex Toys

- Dildos of various sizes
- Anal plugs (steel, trillium locking, glass, silicone, plastic, electro)
- Anal beads (silicone)
- Anal hook
- Latex fisting gloves
- Massage oil
- Spreader bars/ pillory
- Wand (powerful vibrator)
- We-Vibe (Couples vibrator)


Funnel hood mask
Rubber pig mask (full face)
Motorbike face mask
Sensory deprivation mask

On top of all these things, I can also take requests for bits of kit I don’t have. If you want to try something which isn’t listed, let me know what you’d like and I might be able to to arrange it.

Want full dungeon facilities? ‘A’ frames, doggy cage, medical room, rubber room, sex swing, spanking bench, straightjacket, overhead winch etc? Ask me about a dungeon booking


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