Manchester based male escort and professional dominant



Incalls are hosted in the (m16 7) postcode area, near central Manchester. I have a few apartments I use, so the address would depend on the day.

Outcalls to homes and hotels can be arranged anywhere in the country. Travel fees for longer distance outcalls are outlined below.

Deposits of 25% are required for all bookings and can be anonymous. Details are outlined below.

Meeting me Alone

Rates list 1:

>Corporal punishment/ pain.
>To be facefucked/ dominated.
>Electro devices and other toy play
>For couples, seeking me for a threesome/ cuckold.
Length Incall Outcall
30m 100 100
1h 150 150
1.5h 220 220
2h 270 270
Additional half hours 60 60
Overnight/ day booking * 900 900
24h full day rate ** 1600 1600

Rates list 2

>Single women, seeking me for a 1 on 1 booking (sexual or BDSM).
>Non sexual booking, such as a meal, event companionship or initial coffee meeting
Length Incall Outcall
30m 70 70
1h 100 100
1.5h 150 150
2h 180 180
Additional half hours 40 40
Overnight/ day booking * 500 500
24h full day rate ** 1000 1000
Content Share *** Free Free

Meeting me with Little Star (my female partner)

Duo Escort Meets
Length Incall Outcall
30m 200 200
1h 300 300
1.5h 400 400
2h 500 500
3h 750 750
4h 1000 1000
Overnight/ day booking * 1500 1500
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Additional info key:

* Overnight/ day bookings can either be 6 hours of play with no sleep, or 12 hours with 8 hours of sleep and 4 hours of play.

** A full 24 day, which will include 8 hours of sleep.

*** I'm open to discussing free content share collaborations with women.

Trio sessions

I have a bi female play partner (K) who can join me for duo sessions, or myself and my partner, if you'd like to book the three of us. We play without condoms, so you'd be able to watch me creampie them both.

K only escorts with us and wants complete anonymity, so no pictures are available of her. But she's an attractive blonde, around 5"4'.

The fee for a trio booking is my duo rates with Little Star, plus 50%.

Want to see me with someone else?

I'm happy meeting you alongside other escorts. You can see my regular duo partners from my duo page, or if you fancy seeing me with someone else, you can make the arrangements with them. I won't do the sourcing (searching for, texting/ calling/ confirming details with etc) people I don't know, but if you're happy doing that, I'll work alongside anyone you like.

My rates for a duo meet with a stranger is just the same as my solo rate (Rates list 1).

Travel costs

A travel fee applies to all bookings which require me driving for a total of more than 1.5 hours.

For outcalls, I'm travelling from the M9 area. I'll confirm the travel fee with you where one is necessary, but for transparency, here is how I calculate my travel fees.

My travel fee is based upon time spent driving, rather than mileage and is calculated according to round trip total time (To you and then back home again), rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. If my total driving time is below 1.5 hours, there is no travel fee. If driving time exceeds 1.5 hours, travel fee is £7.50 per 15 minutes based on the total driving time. This covers my time and petrol costs.

Example 1: If I'm driving to south Manchester and it's 30 minutes each way, total time driving is 1h (4 x 15mins(£7.50)). Because this is below 1.5 hours the fee is £0.

Example 2: If I'm driving to Liverpool and it's 50 minutes each way, total time driving is 1h 40m (rounded up to 7 x 15mins(£7.50)). The fee would be £52.50.

Example 3: If I'm driving to London and it's 4 hours each way, total time driving is 8h (32 x 15mins(£7.50)). The fee would be £240.


Once you've made a booking, using the booking form, you will be asked for a deposit, which must be paid before our booking is confirmed.

Options for payment are either bank transfer, or Amazon gift voucher. The second option is anonymous.

I am not able to take payment by other methods (paypal, cashapp, cash through the post etc).

If you opt to pay via anonymous Amazon voucher, please order the gift card to your own phone or email address, not directly to me. This way you know the transaction was successful and also no personal details of yours will be sent to me by Amazon. Then, just forward the redemption code to me, so I can claim it in.

If I cancel a booking (which I haven't had to do in years), any deposits will be refunded. If you cancel our booking, the deposit will be lost.