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Ideas Page

Many people aren't quite sure what they're after, especially if they are meeting me for their first escort/ dom experience, so this page features a list of scene types, which you can pick from.

If you'd rather build your own session and you'd prefer just to see what I offer and what I don't from a big list, you can check that out from my 'Activities and Limits page'.

Otherwise, here are a few example scenarios to choose from.

Sexual bookings (1 on 1)

  • 1) Selfish straight man with me leading/ facefucking/ dominating (♂ | ♀)

    On this item from the menu, I will take control. Pushing you down on my dick, making you rim me etc (within any limits you've given).

  • 2) Selfish straight man with me ignoring you (♂ | ♀)

    I receive oral, foot worship & body worship. I don't give oral, kiss or provide anal sex either way. This is a one way thing for guys who like to please others and have a straight guy fetish. In this option I will completely ignore you once the scene starts. I may watch TV, play on my phone etc. You will be able to explore my body with no pressure or leading from me. This kind of session is very well suited to men who are shy and new to exploring with men.

  • 3) Vanilla Sex (♀)

    I only have sex with women, so this would be for female clients only. Vanilla means non kinky. This is a good option for women who want to try sex with someone other than their husband, or to enjoy a stress free sexual release, without having to sift through hundreds of matches on tinder and all the effort that comes with it.

  • 4) Swinging (♂♀ | ♀♀)

    For couples who likes to share. I see a lot of couples who are exploring for the first time, who aren't yet sure what they enjoy, or how much they feel comfortable trying. What I offer to you is experience, simplicity and respect. I'll guide you with anyhting you'd like to know about swinging and help give you exactly what you're looking for, within your comfortabilities. And maybe advise you on some fun new things you could try. If you're a couple who aren't new to swinging, you'll likely know exactly what you like. That's great too! Just let me know what does it for you and that's what we'll do.

  • 5) Duo bookings (♂ | ♀ | ♂♀ | ♀♀)

    This would involve you booking two people, (me with another person, as a duo). I am available for duo bookings with male and female duo partners. Usually my duo bookings with women would be with my girlfriend and would be sexual meets. Usually my duo bookings with other guys would be either for an extra element of fun with corporal punishment, or to combine me and what I offer with the services offered to you by a gay escort (usually anal sex).

BDSM type meets

  • 1) BDSM intro (♂ | ♀ | ♂♀ | ♀♀)

    If you've never experienced BDSM before and you don't know what you like, let me know and I'll give you a session geared towards exploring lots of bitesize experiences with lots of new things. The goal is that by the end of this session, you'll have a clearer idea of what works for you, what doens't, and what you would like to explore further in future.

  • 2) Caning/ corporal punishment (♂ | ♀)

    Caning is one of my passions, as is the use of heavy, blunt force implements like my array of club and bats. If you're into pain, why not challenge yourself to take 50 strokes of the cane, or baseball bat?

  • 3) Fucking machine domination (♂ | ♀)

    If you want to be strapped down and have your pussy or ass used hard, this might be for you. My F machine Pro 3 doesn't get tired, doesn't cum and fucks harder than any human. And it'll fuck you with any shape and size of dick you like. Let's be honest, it's hard to compete with that right?


  • "Another amazing time with the best and most genuine male escort. Spartan is a true gent and makes the wife cum like never before."

    - Suspect Voyeur

  • "Very good meeting. He makes you feel relaxed and is a nice bloke, though do not be fooled, he will give you a very good hiding if you need it."

    - spanking65

  • "No ifs, no buts, this guy is excellent"

    - Letslust

  • "Great guy, well experienced and ultimate in pleasure (and pain if thats what u like!) got exactly wat I asked for, thanks and see you again soon!"

    - dazzoh11

  • "Brilliant meet! Knew exactly what I liked and has the most amazing body! Recommended."

    - Kayleigh

  • "Lovely guy exactly what we wanted"

    - JandK